Laravel (PHP Framework) for Web Application Development

Course Title Laravel (PHP Framework) for Web Application Development
Course Duration 64 hrs(44 hrs workshop and 20 hrs project, Starts as soon as 15 participants get registered.
Course Topics
  • Overview: Object Oriented PHP and MVC
  • Setting up Environment on Windows: IDE, Composer, Git etc.
  • Laravel Structure Overview: Routing, Middleware, Request Lifecycle
  • MVC: Model, View, Controller, Helper, Artisan, Encryption etc.
  • Template engine:Master Layout, Blade Features
  • Database Migrations, Query Builder, Elaquent/ORM
  • Project: Creating a basic ecommerce site with Laravel
Course Benefits Laravel is an Open Source PHP MVC framework and a Rapid Application Development (RAD) Tool for developing web applications. It enables you to design, develop and deploy beautiful, responsive, database-driven applications very fast. By using this tool, you can be a full-stack web application developer.
Who Should Attend Those who intend to be full-stack web application developer. Basic knowledge on html, css, php, mysql, oop is required.
12 years of Experience in Web Development
B.Sc. (CSE)
Fees BDT 20,000
Contact + 8801767888422,
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